The new Dare MedFlight helicopter was featured at the Airbus Helicopters booth at the Helicopter Association International trade show in Orlando. Airbus provided Dare County with a $75,000 credit for allowing the helicopter to be displayed at the Orlando show. Dare County ordered the MedFlight helicopter back in 2012. MedFlight converted to an “FAA 135” operation the same year allowing EMS to charge or collect transport fees for service, which is estimated to generate $700,000 in each year to offset the cost of the new aircraft.

$822,000 per year of debt service began in 2014 and will go through 2026. A conservative estimate of trade-in value of current helicopter is $1 million which reduces the amount to be financed at about $7.2 million. Dare County is the first U.S. customer for Airbus Helicopter’s model EC145 T2 which cost $8.2 million dollars. Final adjustments are being made to the aircraft and it is anticipated to be in service in Dare County by August.