One of OBAR and OBHBA’s most FAQ is when Dare and Currituck County flood maps will be released. Preliminary data shared almost a year and half ago showed base flood elevations going down in many areas, and if that is still the case, the release and ensuing adoption of the maps would give relief for homeowners in those areas paying a high flood insurance premium because of the elevation on the current map. Currituck and Dare Flood Maps were scheduled to be released over a year ago but the date keeps getting pushed back. The longer out the release date, the further out the effective date. The Dare County release date as of July 15th is now December 30, 2015 with a projected effective date of June 21, 2017. For Currituck County, the release date is December 31, 2015 and the projected effective date is March 21, 2017.